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We’re all about safety and comfort


Safety First

At Zoom Ride, we place primary focus on the safety and comfort of our riders and to demonstrate this, we developed an innovative solution to tackle the major problem drivers in the ridesharing industry face, all about it below.

The Problem

The commission-based driver payment structure for other ridesharing companies like are inflexible. They take up to 45 – 50% of driver fares along with booking fares, leaving unsatisfied drivers behind the wheel.

Drivers deserve more

At Zoom Ride, we adopt a better payment structure, one that allows drivers to choose everyday (every 24 hrs.) to pay:

a: A percent of earnings (perfect fit for part time drivers) or

b: A flat daily driving fee and keep everything earned above that figure (ideal for full time drivers).

This ultimately rewards Zoom Ride drivers better, giving them the opportunity to possibly earn between 50% - 70% more than they would have with some other ridesharing companies. It also keeps them more motivated and ready to give in their best for rider’s safety and comfort on the road!

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