Covid19 Resource Center

What you should know

In response to Covid19, and in order to create a safer environment for riders and drivers during their rides, Zoom Ride has implemented the following safety policies and measures.

  • Exclusive to Zoom Ride, all drivers are offered our enhanced vehicle safety barrier and UVC light system. The barrier will greatly reduce the possibility of physical contact between the front seat and back seats occupants, as well as reduce air exchange between the front and back seats. The UVC light will turn on to help sanitize the backseat area of the car after every trip.
  • Riders and drivers are required to wear masks. Zoom Ride offers drivers a mask supply to be shared with riders as needed, free of charge.
  • Each time a driver logs on to the Zoom Ride Driver App they are required to verify:
    • That they are not sick or have any Covid19 symptoms
    • That they are wearing a mask and then must use our facial recognition software to upload a masked picture
    • That their vehicle has been cleaned/sanitized
    • That their hands are washed often
  • Vehicle capacity limits have been reduced for all ride tiers in order to promote social distancing. There are no longer any front seat riders allowed on any of our ride tiers.
  • Riders are asked to handle their own luggage/cargo.
  • Riders and drivers are asked to crack windows whenever possible to promote airflow within the vehicle.

Zoom Ride will continue to monitor the Covid19 situation and will always take whatever steps necessary to keep our drivers and riders healthy and safe.

For Covid19 updates and safety information visit: