Zoom Ride

Why drivers are choosing Zoom Ride

Our enhanced safety features.
  1. SOS and panic button alert
  2. Vehicle safety barrier and sanitizing light options
  3. Live video/audio recording and streaming on demand
  4. ‘Book 4 Other’ feature tells the driver who they are picking up
More choices and more opportunities.
  1. Every 24 hours drivers can choose the pay option that they feel will work best with how long they plan on working that day
  2. Drivers typically earn up to 50%-70% more with options that are clearly defined
  3. Driver rewards and incentive programs
  4. Training and advancement opportunities
More features that benefit drivers and riders.
  1. Hourly rates
  2. Long trip rates
  3. Long pick-up pay
  4. Car seat request option
  5. Favorite driver lists
  6. 24/7 US based support and emergency response teams

What are Drivers Saying?

Robert H.
Zoom Ride Driver

“You can’t beat the flexibility that the Zoom Ride pay structure offers. Some days I can only work a couple of hours, and others I can work a long day. Having pay options that are beneficial to both makes a big difference.” .

Dave R.
Zoom Ride Driver

“Safety has always been a big issue for rideshare drivers. The Zoom Ride safety features are far superior, especially in regards to Covid-19. I feel so much safer with the vehicle barrier and sanitizing light and so do my riders.”

Marie M.
Zoom Ride Driver

“Features like the hourly rate, the long pick-up pay, females can request female drivers, and the favorite driver’s list are game changers. Zoom Ride is filling in the gaps of what has been needed in the rideshare industry.”