Características que nos hacen destacar

Hourly Rides

Book in 60-minute increments for a flat rate, with multiple stops, and your driver will be happy to wait for you. You won't miss your plane waiting for another driver to arrive when your meeting ends, or worry about a 3-5 minute time limit at stops. Your driver will already be there. Hourly Rides also makes running errands a breeze. Go ahead, shop and stop all over town. Your driver is ready when you are.

Airport Pickup

Use our passenger app to easily request a ride to fly on that last-minute business trip or family vacation. You no longer have to worry about trying to find transportation or getting to and from a garage or parking lot. Your Zoom Ride driver will take you directly to your airline's departure gate. Going home or just visiting the area? Request a ride when you exit the plane and your driver will meet you at the rideshare pickup area.

Long trips

If you've ever tried to book a longer trip before, you know it can be difficult to find a company or driver who's willing to do it, without charging dramatically high fares. Cue the Zoom Ride Long Trip feature to the rescue. This feature allows you to request a reasonably priced ride to where you need to go, and a driver who is ready, willing and able to go the distance will be on the way to you.

City Tour

Explore your backyard or a place you've never been. Our Zoom Tours with our Elite Services Team are private, fun, educational, and a great way to explore the city. Our tours are created with varied tastes in mind, so there is something for everyone, and our guides are locals with extensive knowledge of the area and a perspective to share. Coming soon to Detroit and Florida!

female driver

Women should be able to request a ride without having to worry about their safety or compromise their religious beliefs. Now they can. Our female drivers will keep female travelers safe and secure while taking them to the places they need to go.

Elite Service

Catering to those who enjoy a truly VIP experience, our elite services team is hand-selected by Zoom Ride to provide premium service. Whether booking for business or pleasure, our Elite customers always travel in style. Only the newest, most high-end, meticulously maintained vehicles are considered "Elite," and this exclusive group of drivers is not only specially trained, but must also maintain the highest customer ratings for professionalism, safety, cleanliness of the vehicle and more. Coming soon to Detroit and Florida!

Qualified drivers
Elite drivers